Poolcat Cards | Colourful and humorous greetings cards

Appearing at the Progressive Greetings Live Show

6-7 June at the Business Design Centre, London

Greetings Cards

Tulips Landscape
Bit of a Knob
Happy Birthday Gold
Petal Colour In
While You Were Away…
Christmas is Bananas
New Baby?
Groovy Petal
Get Well Gingerbread Woman
Happy Birthday 22
Late Birthday Card
Happy Birthday 20
Christmas is Nuts
Fit As A Butcher’s Dog
Dark Petal
Get Well Soon
Tick One
Valentine, Tick Any
Happy Birthday!
Green Petal
Great Tit


Poolcat Cards is a new venture for me. I’ve set this up in the sure and certain knowledge that I have soooo much to learn about the greetings card business, and with the longer term in mind, I hope to learn it. I trained as a theatre designer a long time ago, have been a mosaic artist, and have been a comedy improviser and a stand up comic for a little while too. Artwork……jokes…….I really should have something to offer the world of greetings cards. In theory.

My first card foray is right in at the deep Acapulco cliff diving type end, the Progressive Greetings Live Exhibition at the Business Design Centre, (STAND 830). So forgive brevity here, I’m working my purple socks off to get enough ideas together to make a vaguely convincing start. Come and see me though –  and please share your wisdom. I’m not afraid of feedback – well, y’know, as long as you keep it constructive. 🙂

I’m sharing my stand with friend Sai and her lovely funny cards from The Taste Buds range, in case you need a proper reason to come and find me, STAND 830.

Katie Walsh


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